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In general, this means that requests for information about an individual speeding offence are likely to be refused on the grounds that the information relates to an individual and is not suitable for release to the world at large.Prosecution evidence may be obtained from the Crown Prosecution Service once a summons has been issued.Motorists should be aware that if they exceed the legal speed limit they risk being detected and fined. How do average speed cameras work and how is average speed calculated?

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To do this, you will have to opt to have your case heard by a Magistrates Court.

If you choose to do this, you will automatically be issued with a court summons in which you can detail any mitigating circumstances that you wish the Magistrates to consider.

They are called safety cameras because they are used to prevent road casualties. Speeding motorists can be photographed either approaching or receding. The enforcement vehicles park in places where it is safe to do so and they are not causing an obstruction to other road users. They can deploy police resources to conduct speed checks and mobile speed enforcement in areas of community concern.

They are permitted to park in certain locations such as pavements/clearways in order to carry out their duties. Is an offence still valid if the camera isn't painted yellow? The Department for Transport recommends high visibility camera housings at collision trouble-spots, however, the camera colour does not change the legal status of the offence if you have been detected breaking the legal speed limit. If a speed problem is proven then the site will be assessed for the most appropriate road safety measures, in liaison with the local authority.

Speeding Cameras Mobile Phones If you have a received a Notice of Intended Prosecution for a speeding offence, any questions you have should be answered below. The most likely answer is that you were in a 30 mph zone.

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