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More guests arrived and, after a little chit-chat and plenty of booze, it didn’t take long for the party to find its way into the lounge area.

I was relieved to see this was less of a sex dungeon and more a suburban front room.

Sex, rugs and rock n’ roll – inside the secret world of swinging Illustration by Liberty Sadler for uk " data-medium-file="

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On a Saturday night in Surrey, a group of complete strangers are about to strip naked and spend the evening drinking champagne and shagging like rabbits. With apps like 3inder and events such as Killing Kittens and Fever Parties becoming more mainstream, swinging no longer carries the social stigma it once did.

I met the hosts of this party, David and Claudia, a good-looking couple in their early forties, through Twitter.

I got talking to Paul, an IT worker from Tunbridge Wells.

Paul had been involved in the swinging scene for over 10 years, first exploring it with his girlfriend then as a single man (the hardest category to be in as a swinger, with most parties tending to only welcome couples or single girls.) He told me just how huge the scene was, with private parties happening all over the country on a regular basis – not least of all now that the internet has made it easier to meet so many other like-minded couples.

However, while on paper it seems like a win-win situation, there must be absolute trust in order for swinging within a relationship to work.

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