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Bertash, whose grandfather was a shooting instructor in the Army, takes the bracelet with her everywhere she goes.

“It’s something special that reminds me of our wonderful veterans,” she says. Dating status: Has a boyfriend Favorite song to perform: The military branch salutes “This job has changed my life,” says Leone, who joined in March and calls herself a full-time Bombshell.

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The New York City-based troupe was the brainstorm of Ali Reeder, a 29-year-old singer/songwriter.

She met her husband, a Marine, during Fleet Week five years ago while entertaining on his ship.

“It’s exciting that I am Miss September, because it’s the Air Force’s birthday, and my grandfather served in the Air Force,” says the Astoria resident, who joined the Bombshells in September and studied musical theater at Florida’s Rollins College.

She says that being in the group is like being part of a sisterhood.

These realities, they note, have public policy implications: “Generational changes in non-marital sexual attitudes and behaviors are particularly relevant as they influence policy decisions regarding sexual health and sexual education policies, such as decisions about emergency contraception and abortion availability and the debates around abstinence-only versus comprehensive sexual education.” Further, “these findings indicate that variability in sexual attitudes and norms according to generation, age, gender, and race/ethnicity should be considered in the development and implementation of sexual education and sexual health intervention programs.”Citation: Jean M.

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