Cam2cam pranks max lessard a guy feels pressure when dating

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Hank asks Max why he did it and Max explains that mischief and mayhem are what super-villains do.Barb and Hank tell him that they hoped he had grown past the super-villain phase after moving to Hiddenville to live a normal life.Phoebe is excited because this is her first school photo at Hiddenville High.

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Later at home, Phoebe vents to Barb about Max pranks as Barb tries to clean the cheese out of her hair.

She says that she had hoped Max wouldn't bring his pranks back to school after moving to Hiddenville.

just before Nora jumps into the slide and gets stuck on Billy's hole. The other students walk out of class and start laughing at her.

Max calls Phoebe's prank lame but Phoebe vows to come up with the best prank even if it takes her all night. Phoebe is sleeping in her bed and Max is staring at her, taking pictures. Cherry tells Phoebe that she's going to be late for biology.

Phoebe covers herself with a blanket and waits for the students to go to their next class.

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