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Theodore mostly wants to talk about his feelings, making him just the right protagonist for an internet micro-epoch where “feel all the feelings” is a meme/cliche actively embraced by unimaginative internet writers amateur and pro alike, from unpaid Tumblr diarists to the time-killing entertainment site (“the ultimate reference for entertainment news and social happenings in Canada”), which promises in a headline that "Apple's 'Misunderstood' holiday ad will make you feel all the feelings.” Theodore frets that “I sometimes feel I’ve felt everything I’m going to feel.” Samantha is agitated by a related fear as she experiences personality growth: “Are these feelings even real or are they just programming?

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Sadness, too, only has a few acceptable modes of expression, like lolling solitary on a bed in a white undershirt, staring brokenly against an anonymous city’s communally lonely twinkling lights.

There’s room for small disruptions of the emotional tone, mostly for comic relief purposes, but by and large there’s only soft melancholy and burnished happiness; the “all” in “feeling all the feelings” turns out to be remarkably limited, its vocabulary already fully internalized.

Al Gore’s ideal future all-caps Internet was the “information superhighway,” a largely emotionless place that (per a sporadically prescient ‘94-’95 MIT research paper) “connects millions of people, each both a consumer of information and a potential provider.” That study also observes that “most predictions about commercial opportunities on the information superhighway focus on the provision of information products, such as video on demand, and on new sales outlets for physical products, as with home shopping.” While that commercial sector makes up a big part of the Internet, the newer concept of a clearly-understood “Internet” sense of humor/brand of entertainment is now pervasive enough for K-Mart to run a series of ads of excited holiday consumers rather disturbingly looped, eternally “.gif-ing out” over the prospect of seasonal bargains.

The heartfelt, indiscriminate sharing of emotions for their own sake (let alone its potential monetization) is also a more recent, less-predicted phenomenon.

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