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And we have never found the right man to bring them to gether in the spirit of Christian harmony, but I think that you, Ted, are the man! What the hell is going on here, how dare they do this to me?! It sank after about a mile and they were eaten by crocodiles. The Vatican has decided to elevate the Holy Stone of Clonrichert to a Class Two Relic.

Father Purcell: We run the gas off the electricity and the electricity off the gas and we save two hundred pounds a year, but then a few weeks later ah god, I'll never forget it now, we got a new boiler..."Father Purcell: Because you know they have no morals and no respect for human life. They'll be sending a few bishops over, to conduct a ceremony. Drive by shootings in the night, it'll be like Boys in the Hood.

Coming over here, taking and our jobs and our women and acting like the own the feckin' place! Mrs Doyle was telling me that it's got magnets on its tail, so's if you're made out of metal it can attach itself to you and instead of a mouth, it's got four arses!

Glad someone had the guts to stand up to them at last! Its claws are as big as cups and for some reason, it's got a tremendous fear of stamps!

Whether you're in HMV or KFC, HMP or A&E I make them see a-n-d.

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