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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I just put some thought about looking for an intimate encounter.

I was sick of the games women play who are looking for a relationship.

yea I am here only for the forums and if i send a first contact it is to further discuss a forum in private .I have found that i neglect to even look at what the person I am contacting is looking for .that has gotten me blocked by that filter .. but i did look back on my history and it seems that the people that got me blocked were guys .. They never say, but, I would like know could I change about it, not 100% of everything. You will probably have to put in your time like most guys do.

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JMO Intimate encounters is where the shallow meet the shallower. Both found relationships while looking for IE, and both said they met men of better quality and character while doing so.

g'luck I don't have the IE block, as a lot of folk have tripped the filter (accidentally, and some not so accidentally).

My only suggestion is to be honest about what you are looking for. Don't expect your response numbers to increase as a result tho.

Also, many women won't contact men who list they are looking for IE because many other users (myself included) block users that have contacted other members looking for IE.

Only when she is threatened with mass desertion by her husband, children and best... show along the lines of a soap opera which centers on one young woman, Tiger Hayes, as she starts up a perfume company. She is the perfect soccer mom but in real life her body takes over her mine and she has cheap encounters. She looks so well - mid 40's during the movie and she could pass for a college girl - which she actually is ( a mom back in school).

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