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Commentary: Some of us already knew this before we came to NA. To me, it means I just couldn't stop or stay stopped when I wanted to stop using, or that "I want to use, knowing full well the destruction and devastation that it causes." Unmanageability presented itself in my life in more ways than I even want to get into right now.

Click here to read Step 1 in the NA Step Working Guide.

EU visitors: Meetings at 7pm/12am GMT You can also type ! Yep, it's the Internet and it takes a lot of patience and effort for the moderators to maintain a safe and friendly atmosphere of recovery.

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Apologize and move on, or ask for a clarification if you're unclear on what you did wrong. This includes threats, personal insults, hate speech, racism, sexism, homophobic remarks, encouraging suicide, promoting drinking or using over recovery, and other matters inappropriate for a recovery forum. What you see here, what you hear here, when you leave here, let it stay here. anonymity We take your privacy and anonymity VERY seriously.

Being asked to stop is not an invitation to debate the merits of the rule. stop During our 2-3 daily scheduled NA meetings (when "meetingchair" is present) it's customary to not "cross talk," comment, or give advice after someone "shares" Our scheduled meetings are a judgement and confrontation-free zone. Group members who air personal vendettas or attacks on social media sites (i.e.

By group conscience if you are disruptive you may be asked to leave for 24 hours (up to 30 days for abusive behavior or repeat bans.) Please bring disruptions to our attention by clicking on that person's nickname: Click on "IGNORE" and "REPORT." This will page the moderators! Due to harassing/annoying behavior from anonymous IP addresses we've added a third party blacklist that bans detectable VPN, Tor Exit Nodes, and open proxies. Some of us "needed" to get clean years before we "wanted" to get clean, and are really pissed off about it "coming to this." Whatever the reason, some individuals are rather persistent and have a harder time letting go than others. If you're like "OK, I was drunk" or "OK, I was out of line" and promise to behave, we'll remove the ban except in the case of people we've had to ban over and over again.

Our moderators try to keep the chatroom as safe and as secure as we can and minimize these disruptions. Conversation in the IRC channel is not always about not addiction and recovery.

"I don't care to belong to any club that will have me as a member" -- Groucho Marx We allow near-instantaneous and anonymous access to our chatroom with no registration required. rules , there's a command after every rule such as ! crosstalk (see below.) We rely on our mods to be familiar with this document and redirect or change the subject in chat when neccessary.

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