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Box 44003, Nairobi 00100 Nairobi Kenya 020-310032/10/48/54, 0724-635700,0733-2635700 Trans National Bank Ltd Trans National Plaza 2nd Floor City Hall Way P. Box 34353, Nairobi 00100 Nairobi Kenya 020-2224235, 252188, 252190 Trident Insurance Co Ltd Capital Hill Towers P. Box 55651, Nairobi 00200 Nairobi Nairobi Kenya 020-2721710, 2721728/30 U. P Provincial Insurance Company Ltd Bishops Garden Towers P. Box 43013, Nairobi 00100 Nairobi Kenya 020-2712175, 2850000 Victoria Commercial Bank Ltd Victoria Towers Mezz Floor Upper Hill P. Box 41114, Nairobi 00100 Nairobi Kenya 020-2713208, 2719499 .

41% Native Otakus, 53.2% Hentais (immigrated to Japan from, mainly, mars), 15% Godzilla (immigrated to Japan from the rest of the universe, minority group), 0.8% George Bush (recently immigrated to Japan). Bukkake first appeared on the Japanese mainland in the latter part of the 5th century AD.

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The children, believing this, took their mothers' advices in the most honorable way by always obeying the Emperor to the extreme and eating up all the crappy Japanese propagandas.

The children also hated other races because their Emperor told them too.

Apollo Insurance Company Ltd Hughes Bldg 8th Floor Kenyatta Ave P. Box 30389, Nairobi 00100 Nairobi Nairobi Kenya 020-343585, 311782 Africa Merchants Assurance Co Ltd Transnational Plaza 2nd Floor P. Box 61599, Nairobi 00200 Nairobi Nairobi Kenya 020-312121 African Banking Corporation Ltd ABC Bank Building, Koinange Street P. Box 46452, Nairobi 00100 Nairobi Nairobi Kenya 020-2223922, 251540/1,2217856/7/8, 2226712 African Mercantile Banking Co Ltd Mama Na/Kaunda Street 20th Century Plaza P. Box 30090, Nairobi Nairobi Kenya 020-2210752 Bank of Africa Kenya Re-Insurance Plaza, Taifa Road P. Box 69562, Nairobi 00400 Nairobi Nairobi Kenya 020-2210546, 2211175 Bank of Baroda (Kenya) Ltd Koinange Street P. Box 30033, Nairobi 00100 Nairobi Nairobi Kenya 020-2248402, 2248412/22 Bank of India Bank of India Building Kenyatta Avenue P. Box 30246 Nairobi 00100 Nairobi Nairobi Kenya 020-2221414, 2221415, 2221416 Barclays Bank Barclays Bank Plaza Loita Street P. Box 30120, Nairobi 00100 Nairobi Nairobi Kenya 020-313405, 241270, 313364 Blue Shield Insurance Co Ltd Hospital Road, Upper Hill P. Box 49610, Nairobi Nairobi Kenya 020-2728921, 2728953 C.

Box 30364, Nairobi 00100 Nairobi Nairobi Kenya 020-2866303, 2866000, 0722-204660, 0722-204661 C.

The Japanese claim that they are 1,000,000,000 BCE ye ol' people (and possibly more).

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