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If you two can’t have a good time shotgunning Coors Banquet over pork belly hash while vying for "prizes" like Golden Corral gift certificates and 40s of malt liquor, it’s probably not going to work out.A mid-century relic on fast-changing Tennyson St, Elitch Lanes is slated to close in May -- so get to this old-school bowling alley for one last round, then head to red-sauce throwback Carl’s Pizza for a spaghetti dinner with all the fixings. Hit a taproom with amenities The plan was to grab a few beers, have a few laughs -- but suddenly you’re feeling a little tongue-tied.Less than an hour from downtown, the Wild Animal Sanctuary feels worlds away.

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Then take the plunge with both feet at the swanky homage to yesteryear that is Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club, where tasting menus and swing trios await. (It’s just, uh, two steps.) This legendary honky tonk hosts free dance lessons every Wednesday at 7pm, so you’ll be at least mediocre when the band hits the stage afterward.

Every second Sunday at 7pm, atmospheric "art bar" Syntax Physic Opera morphs into a house of worship -- only instead of a sermon, there’s a Coen Brothers film screening.

Punch Bowl Social now has two private, full-service karaoke rooms available for hourly rental by up to 10 people, so you can impress (or bore) each other’s pals with that "Islands in the Stream" duet you’ve been practicing.

Way before TED Talks, there was CU-Boulder’s five-day Conference on World Affairs, held every April and open to the public for free; previous speakers include Jello Biafra, Werner Herzog, Ted Turner, and Henry-freaking-Kissinger, so yeah, it’s heavyweight.

Now, imagine all of this fun while sharing a bunk with your sweetie. Grab a six-pack of Hops & Grain and go to Peter Pan Mini Golf -- playing 18 incredibly kitschy (is there any other kind? Mini golf (and beer) are perfect first-date icebreakers. When you’re feeling really confident about your feelings for the person you’re seeing, and want to seal the deal, take them to Clark's for oysters and a classic Mai Tai. ) For only 10 bucks a person, you can treat yourself and your friend to an hour-long cruise on Lady Bird Lake under the stars.

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