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On Tuesday, police released a damning statement on the incident that suggested the reports published in Bild were without foundation.

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The nation has taken in millions of migrants over the past few years, and there had been reports of a similar incidents in Cologne and other cities the previous New Year's Eve.

But police investigating the crime now say that the allegations included in the article are “without foundation.” According to the Frankfurter Rundschau, the witnesses who spoke to reporters may be investigated themselves. The paper's online editor in chief on Tuesday said that the company apologized “for our own work.” There have been plenty of false stories about refugees and migrants in Germany over the past few years, in large part a reflection of divisive political views on the issue within the country and the increasingly fragmented world of online media.

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When local newspapers tried to report more on the story, local business owners said they had never seen any kind of “sex mob” or mass sexual assault on New Year's Eve.

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