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After several attempts to shut her off, Edgar eventually goes silent failing to respond to tons of her messages including threats to tell his wife.- Here are some of the dirtiest chats from Whats App in Kenya that leaked and ended embarrassing the people involved Whats App recently announced that in an effort to increase privacy, it’s turning on end-to-end encryption to make it virtually impossible to spy on your communications. Stock photographers are sometimes in need of subjects for their work. They pay cash and it’s really easy; just answer a few questions and you’re on your way. Once you’re certified, you can charge your own fee to notarize documents. Cash Crate appears to be a legitimate operator, and you may find some opportunities on Mechanical Turk.

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About Kenya: Kenyan women and men are catching up with the hip hop world as young artist try to get Westernized.

But don't be mistaken, Kenyans still have a lot of pride in their cultural setting.

Shawn is one of the most trusted names in the business and this super-inexpensive guide is filled with practical and actionable advice. To learn more about app development and some useful tips and strategies, check out my podcast interview with Alex Genadinik, the creator of the Glowing Start business app series. Maybe you could provide cake, cookies, or cupcakes to some corporate event in town. Task Rabbit is an on-demand errand-running service that enlists regular people to help out. If you’re not afraid of embarrassing yourself on a street corner, there are always businesses looking to hire sign-spinners or people in costume to attract attention.

In another edition of The Side Hustle Show, Benny Hsu shares how he made $30,000 in 30 days on the app store, with no programming experience! Kathryn, my public coaching volunteer, was hustling hard to start a gluten-free bakery in Portland. You can earn money in your spare time completing real-world tasks on their unique platform. I’m more intrigued in house sitting as a way to get free accommodations while traveling, but I guess it can be a way to supplement your income at home as well.

Nairobi is Capital of Kenya and one of the finest cities in East Africa.

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