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by  |  12-Mar-2018 18:34

Among Swedish youth with experience of selling sex, the Internet is the most common means of contact between buyer and seller.

Swedish studies have not shown an increase in youth who have had experience selling sex (Svedin & Priebe, 2007, 2009) but nevertheless, most existing research suggests that young people selling sex are vulnerable as a group and can be in urgent need of support.

This group of youth has more often experienced more traumatic experiences, such as sexual abuse (Svedin & Priebe, 2007; Svensson, Fredlund, Svedin, Priebe, & Wadsby, 2013) and self-harming behavior (Svensson et al., 2013).

For most youth, technology is an intimate part of their lives (e.g., Boies, Knudson, & Young, 2004; Daneback & Månsson, 2009; Freeman-longo, 2000; Löfberg, 2008; The Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs, 2009).

Cooper (1998) described how easy access, affordability, and anonymity can explain the power of the Internet for sexual purposes.

The Internet has undoubtedly changed conditions in the sex-selling arena.

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