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Lawmakers could also offer a competing tax proposal to appear on the ballot, but a two-thirds vote would be required to move any competing tax measure forward in the Legislature.Warne said she does not foresee any difficulty in gathering the necessary signatures.The proposed tax is expected to bring in about 0 million a year, Warne said.

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The Legislature could also opt to put a competing proposal on the ballot for voters to consider.

The Legislature would have to get a two-thirds vote to approve the tax hike on casinos instead of sending it to the voters.

“They are obviously trying to exploit a process that is in place to ensure that voters are informed about the effects of a law to try to drag this out for as long as possible,” she said.

“And I think it is unfortunate and I think it is antithetical to the very nature of the initiative process.” Mc Letchie said judges have in the past rewritten descriptions of effect on other initiative petitions.

Geoffrey Lawrence, deputy policy director at the Nevada Policy Research Institute, said in a statement that a margins tax would be a “disaster” for Nevadans.

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