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A lot of girls are faced with that decision, and they don’t always give it the thought it truly deserves. Sexting can be fun — as long as you’re smart about it.But sometimes the excitement of a new relationship and a person that we can’t stop thinking about gets the better of us, and causes us to do reckless things.Including free phone helpline, Skype, live chat and email services, courses for parents, innovative projects and information for parents.

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We want to know what you girls think about sending sexy texts and naked pictures to your sweetie.

Read some of our readers’ opinions and then tell us how you feel.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t flirt with your hun via technology though. Go ahead and flirt with your sweetie on text or Skype.

Tell him just how excited you are to see him next or send her a picture of your dream date with a “wish we could do this together” message.

Provides information for young people about sex and relationships education, abortion, unplanned pregnancy and where to go for help. Registered charity, offering support to anyone parenting a child.

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