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The reputation of the Dhingri regiment is second to none in the history of the modern Tibetan army.) But the untrained peasant policemen now just sat inside their police boxes chanting mantras and repairing the soles of Tibetan boots () to eke out their miserable pay.Finally, in late 1948, the peasants were sent home and a proper police force created as a part of the Tagtra administration’s broad (but inadequate) response to the emerging threat of a Chinese invasion.

It was replaced by a ragtag band of peasants called “Lha-Ngam-Phun Sum”[6] conscripted from the districts of Lhatse, Ngamring and Phuntsokling in Tö or Western Tibet, for which they received tax exemptions on their farmland.

(The peasants of Tö when properly trained and equipped could prove to be formidable soldiers.

This is a preliminary and largely impressionistic overview of a neglected strata of old Lhasa society, and lays no claim to serious scholarship.

The spelling of the names of the various groups and fraternities mentioned in this article have been difficult to verify.

Where available the correct spelling has been provided but a basic English transliteration has been used for the rest.

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