Bob guccione jr dating whos enrique iglesias dating

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“I used to work very late into the night in those days, and I’d go around the office fishing the tape cassettes out of the wastepaper baskets that people on the staff had thrown away,” he says.

“And one of them was Sinead O’Connor’s The Lion and the Cobra,” her 1987 debut album.

Only big, fat, successful mainstream stars were on the cover!

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(It is also republished today on The Daily Beast.) “That was the story,” Guccione recalls, “that really defined us, where people in the music industry and the magazine press said, ‘Oh, we get it now—you guys are counterintuitive.

You’re not going to be “me, too,” looking to the record companies to give you the next interview with their latest artist.’ This piece actually clicked with people.

After Rose failed to respond, the Spin publisher announced to the press: "Clearly the guy's a coward, and I called him on it." After Guccione personally netted $16.5 million from the 1997 sale of Spin to the publishers of rival Vibe, he took to dating famous women like Candace Bushnell (Sex in the City columnist) and conservative ideologue Ann Coulter, who wrote to The Washington Post: "I must write to correct a few of the many egregious misstatements in your [...] Reliable Source column.

I am not, and have never been arm candy for Bob Guccione Jr.

The Gooch was my arm candy -- my boy toy -- whom I eventually, and regretfully, had to replace with a much younger man."Father: Bob Guccione Mother: Muriel Hudson Brother: Anthony Guccione Brother: Nicholas Guccione Sister: Tonina Guccione Wife: Camilla Gibbs (div.

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