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Cheng, “Label-free molecular imaging of atherosclerotic lesions using multimodal nonlinear optical microscopy,” J.

Cheng, “Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering imaging of myelin degradation reveals a calcium-dependent pathway in lyso-Ptd Cho-induced demyelination,” J.

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Non-resonant FWM spectrum out of the LMA-20 VS the output spectrum of the exoscope (both with temporal overlap of pump and Stokes).

Various components are as follows: (1) Titanium sapphire laser source (2) Isolator (3) Half wave plate (4) Polarizing beam splitters (5) Prism compressor (6) 40X microscope objective lens (7) Supercontinuum generation PCF (8) Aspheric 5 mm focal length lens (9) 1040 nm central wavelength band-pass filter (10) Grating compressor (11) Short pass dichroic mirror (12) 5X microscope objective lens (13) LMA 20 PCF (14) Exoscope (15) 40X water immersion lens (16) Multimode collection fibre (17) Short-pass Filter (18) Hamamatsu PMT (19) Discriminator and field programmable gate array. Optical ray diagram of the exoscope featuring the lenses and scanning mechanism. Computer-aided design Solid Works image of the miniaturized multimodal CARS exoscope model including (1) the barrel of the exoscope (2) the body of the exoscope.

Gu, “Fast handheld two-photon fluorescence microendoscope with a 475 microm x 475 microm field of view for in vivo imaging,” Opt.

Helmchen, “Ultra-compact fiber-optic two-photon microscope for functional fluorescence imaging in vivo,” Opt.

Transmission image of the USAF target captured in the forward direction: The line spacing of this element is 228 line pairs per mm, which results in a 2.18 µm separation distance between lines and a calibration value of 0.118 µm per pixel.

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