Can t connect toupdatingserver samsung

by  |  21-Feb-2018 04:51

The number of affected countries gives us the impression the entire world is affected by the issue.

The issue is especially annoying because the TV doesn’t provide users with a proper error message.

can t connect toupdatingserver samsung-62can t connect toupdatingserver samsung-35can t connect toupdatingserver samsung-37

I am able to access internet on other devices through the same plan.

Had this phone 3 weeks, and hardly been able to use it.

The Samsung Smart Hub software reports it is unable to connect to the internet.

Owners report they are connected to their (wireless) network but the TV continues to report it has no internet connection.

The TV reports there is something wrong with the internet connection resulting in many users starting to fiddle with their internet settings and/or calling their ISP.

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