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“Children come to kindergarten with varying levels of development, so small group instruction and support is very helpful to their learning.

These programs engage the children and also help them use what they are learning in the classroom in a new way with a different teacher.” added Jean Dames, Early Reading Success volunteer.

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The consultation with Home Visiting staff is designed to improve developmental skills and healthcare needs that will prepare participating children for entry into school, and teach parents the skills to foster their child’s physical and intellectual growth.

“Baxter is dedicated to sustaining access to care in our local communities through engaging partnerships that meet critical health needs in a practical manner,” Alice Campbell, senior director, global community relations at Baxter, said.

The experiences they gain through talking and listening during the preschool period prepare children to read and write in their early elementary school years.

This means that children who enter school with weaker verbal abilities are much more likely to experience difficulties learning literacy skills than those who do not.

To help bridge the gap, United Way of Lake County started Early Reading Success, a pilot program under the Reading Success Program to expose kindergarten students to the basics of reading.

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