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My profile was removed from the administrator, just because I have sent my e-mail address to a few people on the site and when I received a warning from the administrator I asked them to raise a complaint to the second level and to challenge that decision, because it is nowhere stated in the terms of service that you are not allowed to do that.

Simply they want to keep you on this site as a paying member forever.

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Its heartbreaking to see a site that is really needed with a moderately large Catholic user base be abused and mis-run like this site is.

Also - if you don't read your email on the first forward notice subsequent notifications are never forwarded so you can miss contacts if you are ignoring users who you do not want to reply to unless you log on frequently to check mail and activity. The absolutely need an appeal process for complaints and active moderation of ALL forums since its has degraded so bad now that most just post childish and safe "non adult" questions like "what is your favorite song" or "what do you do with a man who talks to much on a date" (male bashing is ok).

If you join my advise is STAY AWAY from the discussion forums.

They are patrolled by a covey of long term women (and a few sympathetic men) who use the site NOT for dating (since these can't get a date) but as a social site to keep tabs on each other.

I read the prior comments about the site being overrun by too orthodox/ conservative but i can tell you that the ultra liberal pseudo-Catholics who can not even marry in the Church due to divorce with no anullment now haunt the place.

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