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So, unlike the traditional CPAP machine, no cleaning or maintenance is required.

The company hopes the Airings will retail for about or $.60 if insurance covers the usual 80%.

You can watch the video to hear him describe his invention in more detail: There is a very personal bottom line for me.

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The micro-blowers that generate the air pressure, the key technology in the device, are in the proof of concept development stage.

Once this is achieved, clinical testing in real live people will be done to demonstrate that they produce the same outcomes as the full-blown, masked, hosed macro-CPAP.

An important difference to consider, however, is that the Airing is a whole lot less likely to end up gathering dust in the basement because of its user-friendly design.

Airing is currently raising money on Indiegogo to fund further development, clinical testing and the FDA approval process. The more they raise, the inventor tells me, the quicker they will be able to bring the device to market.

The most basic form has a dildo attached to the machine that thrusts repeatedly.

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