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Paige tells her friends they consensually made out, she (rightfully) lashes out in anger when a male friend verbally attacks her, and she tries to convince herself that it was her own fault.

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To love Degrassi is to love all of its faults and missteps: its horrid plots and lazy technology stand-ins (Facerange, My Room, Oomf Chat), its terrible dialogue (“That’s bovine fecal matter!

”) and cheap guest stars (Kevin Smith’s questionable arc).

Degrassi: Next Class—sort of a 15th season, sort of a new entity—debuts on January 15; true to its Canadian roots, a handful of the new episodes have already aired in the series’ native country.

But the question has never been “When will Degrassi end?

Despite the warnings of her friends, Emma goes to meet her e-boyfriend, only to find out that he’s actually an adult preying on teen girls.

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