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I couldn't bare it anymore I had to get out of peoples sight if they saw me burst into tears it wouldn't be too good for my reputation.I ran behind a tree in the woods near by and burst into tears. Half the time I was crying and the other half I was trying to make my eyes less red.

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When I finished staring at myself I heardd a knock on the door it was Angel and she had come to get me for the dance she looked great too because she was weraring a long red dress .

"You look amazing" I said to her she blushed and replied "Not too bad yourself".

I gave a weak wave and he took that as he knew how I would get upset if he stayed around long enough. "Okay so all you all know today was our final day of shooting Merlin and after five years of coming back to it we wont be again next year" he said and now he started to half cry "We all know what comes up after we have finished a series now that is not gonna change but this years our last one so were gonna make it special" he said grinning "For the main characters of the show Bradley, Angel, Katie and of course Colin you will be going to Florida for one full month and will be staying at the Florida Hotel.

as for the knights like Tom you will be going to Figi for a month" he said we all cheered and he motioned for us to settle down.

"Sorry guy's its's just gonna be overwhelming not seeing you all everyday and..." I just wept like mad. "Were gonna see each other all the time" Bradley said grinning at me. When we got back to the studio we were joined by Bradley and his camrera.

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