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Boopsy was not only a loyal correspondent, he deposited money in his prison account so Randy could buy essentials at the commissary (95 cents for a honey pepper turkey stick, .75 to splurge on a stylish Casio digital watch) or contraband cigarettes ( each).

In prison, Randy worked as a custodian, earning a month until he was laid off due to budget cuts.

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That’s not to say I was sympathetic to his predicament; Randy had been locked up for 10 years in the Texas state penitentiary as a convicted child molester (a “cho” for short, or, as he is gay, a “chomo”).

From his profile, I knew he was in for sexual offenses with a minor.

I tried sending stamps so he wouldn’t pay postage, but stamps are verboten, a jailhouse currency used in lieu of cash.

So I started sticking stamps on the back of my envelopes he could steam off and reuse.

His crimes, he said, were due to the deceit of being in the closet, mixed with drug and alcohol abuse and anger.

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