vipdating ru - D3 stuck at updating tools

by  |  31-May-2018 16:08

(This is the option you would need to use if you have removed windows entirely.) Step D3: Choose your Language, Choose your keyboard layout.

Step D4: choose "Troubleshoot", then click "Advanced Options", then choose "System Image Recovery" (If you get an error here, you need to disable disk encryption first) Step D5: Navigate through the system image recovery menu options, and choose "select an image" then select the image you created.

Method 2: Tell Windows to Boot directly from the device: Swipe from the right, choose "settings", click "Change PC Settings", Click "Update and Recovery", click "Recovery", Under Advanced Startup, click "restart now", wait a bit then you should have a button to click called "Use a device" Choose your recovery drive, and you will reboot directly into the recovery drive.

Method 3 (may require usb hub): Use a keyboard on boot to enter the BIOS and change the boot device: Pres "del" on a USB keyboard connected to the device to enter the bios, once in the bios change the boot settings to boot from the thumb drive.

(it is usually disk 0) Step B7: Type "select disk 0" (or use another number if yours is not 0) Step B8: Type "clean" (Keep in mind this command will destroy all the partitions on the selected disk.) Step B9: Close the Command Prompt and go back to "Troubleshoot", Now choose "Reset your PC" Step B10: We've now deleted the existing partitions on the device in steps B4-B8, so now when we go to reset the PC, Windows will ask you if it can recreate the partitions, say yes, and then the entire computer will be reset correctly, including the recovery partition!

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