Dating a man who has another woman pregnant

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He revelled in the attention he was getting from other women.‘Ashamed though I am to admit it now, in those dark months following my discovery of Paul’s affair, I would look at our son Cain and wonder if he hadn’t happened whether our family would still be complete.’Adele threw Paul out of the family home shortly after that bombshell phone call in October 2006.He moved in with his mistress, but the relationship foundered after a few months.

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‘She told me that if I didn’t believe her, I was to check his bank account.

Apparently, he’d withdrawn £1,000 two months earlier, when I was pregnant with his child, as a deposit on a flat they were going to rent together as a little love nest.’Adele, 39, a learning support worker from Doncaster, rang her husband Paul, 40, at work and ordered him home — immediately.

Her husband, Marc, had an affair with the dancer covering Rebecca’s maternity leave Her husband, Marc, now 52, had an affair with the dancer who was covering Rebecca’s maternity leave.

Alarm bells rang when Rebecca noticed he was receiving an unusual number of calls from the stand-in dancer.

What will your role with his three children be and what are your thoughts and feelings on that role?

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