Dating a man with a child on the way

by  |  12-Feb-2018 23:45

I'm enjoying my time with him so much and really see things going somewhere with him. The only part of our relationship that makes me truly nervous is the fact that he has a 10 year old son with his ex-wife. While you are not a parent, and not responsible for making decisions, you are an adult and not the child's "friend". That said, I am still married so it did end up well.

They got married very young (18 years old..was pregnant) and got divorced 4 years later. We were talking last night about when the right time would be for me to start spending time around his son. I would say set the ground rules to start with - know what you are expected to say/do/be; make sure the ex does not get a chance to control what happens within your relationship/home (it can and does happen) and make sure he is prepared to stand up for you and your relationship.

I don't feel ready yet, and he also thinks it best that we wait for a little while longer. Does anyone have advice for dating when there is a child involved? I just don't necessarily think you should run, run away. If you are always going to come third place it will make for a very difficult time (A child's NEEDS must come first, but - and I am well aware this will sound hard - their WANTS must not) Best of luck.

I've never dated anyone with a child before, especially one who's nearing middle school age. Any first-hand tips from those who have been there? 10 is probably a pretty good age as far as him not 'hating' you. If he plays sports, go out in the yard and play wit him (play catch, soccer, etc.). (Feel free to ignore this cynical step-family survivor )I'm glad my husband didn't run from this single mom of two boys.

And everyone has strong emotions and opinions about who is involved and what the outcome might be. Here are a number of dating “best practices” for single parents: 1.

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