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by  |  24-Oct-2018 14:22

Can not explain the reasons for the two 1963 Grizzly riser designs e.g., Angled Dogleg and Curved Dogleg, or whatever you want to call them.Posted by Crooked Stick (Member # 19290) on : Bill, here is the leafy camo version.

Posted by Wade Phillips (Member # 5312) on : Kenny - For Kodiaks and Kodiak Special tips there is usually marcarta on 1959s and glass on 1960s.

Would guess the Grizzly is the same, but have not owned enough of them to say for sure with any certainty.

All the Grizzlies I have seen where the classic brown. So why were there two different dog leg patterns in '63?

I have never heard of any problems with the design except for the KM's.

For 19 bows, I would not use the overlay material to differentiate the years as the risers are really the key to easily distinguishing which year the bow was made.

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