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There's a smattering of folks in the Denver airport and a promising herd on arrival in San Francisco (this is tech land, after all). As I oscillate between curious and disappointed, I keep thinking about how I'm surrounded by all these nondigital, naturally occurring pockets of small talk between strangers, families or friends. It's pretty easy to scan the airport and eventually lock eyes with someone, offering a come-hither look and a stale joke about the TSA. If small talk happens so easily, why would anyone want to use Air Dates?

CEO Michael Richards tells me on the floor at Tech Crunch Disrupt that he got the idea while he was traveling a lot himself during a break from work."I was using a lot of Tinder and all that, but never in flight," Richards said.

You can also just use the app to meet up with other travelers on a friendly basis, Richards says.

Gerhard Gries, the corresponding author, from Simon Fraser University, Canada, said: "Our study describes a new model of sexual communication in insects, which might be common to animals in general.

As I sit at the gate for my first flight, I notice there are four potential Air Dates around me.

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