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It may seem obvious in many cases: central cities are clearly urban, while most farms -- real ones, at least -- are clearly rural.

Geographic entities, such as census tracts, counties, metropolitan areas, and the territory outside metropolitan areas, often are "split" between urban and rural territory, and the population and housing units they contain often are partly classified as urban and partly classified as rural. Or, more recently, "micropolitan", which is just metropolitan on a smaller scale. Metro and Micro-politan areas are comprised of complete counties; counties on the outer fringes of metro areas ("exurbia") often have the majority of their land areas and significant portions of their populations classified as rural.

The metropolitan concept has more to do with whether you live in an area where you either within or have access to an urban center.

But according to the 2000 census there were over 26,000 persons (4%) in Jackson county who were living in census blocks classified as rural.

Even within the city limits of Kansas City, Mo 1.3% of the population was classified as living in a rural setting.

Nationwide, the same 97.4% of the land area is classified as rural, but only about 21% of the population lives in these rural areas. This utility application has "Urban-Rural portion (2000)" as a choice on its Source/Target geography menus.

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