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All features thus far examined in these animals show, as good as possible in an animal model, a close resemblance to those of the human disorder.

Although further studies are still needed to determine whether these animals have comparable metabolic changes to those seen in patients (e.g.

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When, due to meiotic non-disjunction events, males are born with a supernumerary X chromosome, the resulting 47, XXY karyotype is referred to as Klinefelter's syndrome.

This frequent genetic condition is most commonly associated with infertility, hypogonadism, gynecomastia and cognitive impairments.

., 1991; Hunt and Eicher 1991).(A) Animals were obtained from the B6Ei. The spontaneously mutated male mice carried a Y chromosome, designated Y*, which acquired a new centromere distally and lost the normal centromere.

(B) Breeding such phenotypically normal and fertile 40, XY* males to 40, XX females provoked sex chromosomal non-disjunction events during meiosis and result in ∼25% of the male offspring exhibiting the 41, XX* karyotype.

The elucidation of the detrimental mechanisms which are driven by the supernumerary X chromosome requires experimental approaches that are limited in humans because of ethical implications.

Dating klinefelter

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