Dating lucy fossil accurate

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Simple replacement and continuity models are beginning to fall apart, as the lines between earlier and later populations blurs in some respects and becomes more demarked in others.Two major lines of thinking exist regarding the origins of modern humans in Europe: Neanderthals contributed some amount of significant genetic material to later modern human populations, or they did not.

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Dating lucy fossil accurate

The general opinion among researchers seems to go in cycles, supporting Oo A, then supporting , then supporting Oo A, etc.

Currently, we seem to be at a cusp of support for replacement, and there seems top be a shifting in opinion more favorable to continuity.

Some see direct competition and extermination of the native populations, some see passive replacement due to better adaptive strategies, and some see genetic admixture with the preponderance of genetic material coming from the incoming human populations, eventually replacing and assimilating them into the greater collective.

In this view there is a specific speciation event that occurred which led to the origin of There are various models which embody combinations of these ideas, different “strict” interpretations of the two theories, etc.

And the limb proportion argument cannot be resolved without a migration of Africans either bodily or genetically.

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