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Because a summoner is not only required to conjure a dragon but also to control it, and Caro lacked this skill, even she herself was afraid of her own power, fearing that her summons would go on a rampage.After hearing about Caro's past, Fate decided to take her in and become the girl's guardian.It possesses a white cape that is similar to Fate's, as well as a white hat (which is left off after Caro begins sporting a ponytail).

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It is slightly implied that she harbors romantic feelings towards Erio.

At the end of the series, Caro goes back to the Supools camp of the Frontier Nature Conservation Corps and continue to work as a Conservation Officer along with Erio.

However, her name is misspelled as "Caro Ru Lusie" in Striker S opening theme one.

In her first appearance, Caro wears a hooded outfit similar to that traditionally worn by the White Mage class in the Final Fantasy series. Caro is based on (and shares a voice actress with) Kusuha Mizuha of Super Robot Wars, who pilots the dragon-themed mech Ryu Ko Oh.

Unlike Erio, Caro has hardly grown a 1.5 cm in the time of Vi Vid, much to her chagrin and to Lutecia's amusement, who jokingly refers to her as "midget".

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