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by  |  26-Sep-2018 07:28

If the fact that he only eats stale dinner rolls for lunch bugs the hell out of you in the beginning, you're going to throw one at his face six months from now.

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There's no shame in wanting to meet someone special and get your groovy love vibes flowing, but if you're going into dates with the expectation that every person will be "the one," you're setting yourself up for immense disappointment.

Think about it rationally for a moment: As we get older and more clear about who we are and what we want, it's only natural that we will be more selective about who we will choose to spend time with. Sure, you want to keep it light and have a good time on the first date, but you should also feel very comfortable questioning comments that send signals that you aren't a good long-term match.

Earlier today I checked out Brenda Della Casa's feature, "4 Dating Mistakes Even Smart Women Make," and I thought I'd respond with a boy's version—mistakes WE tend to make on the first date (we'll do the other 4 tomorrow). A few months ago, I ran into a young woman whom I took on a few dates last year—we got to talking and I asked her why things never went further. Is this something I should be bringing up on a first date? Should you get to a second, third or fourth date, or even a date that ends the next morning, there will be plenty of time to talk about sex.

Dude, she wants James Bond, not Woody Allen with a cell-phone. "It just sorta fizzled," she told me "…And on one of our first dates you mentioned that one of your friends in college was a dominatrix, and that freaked me out."Now, I didn't spend my college years in and out of s/m dens, but I had some out-there friends, and yes, one of them earned some money on the side as a dominatrix. Feel free to hint around the periphery, but when it comes to sex talk, save it.

Bottom line: If you're not looking to Netflix and chill, don't.6. We may not "teach" people how to treat us, but we can sure as hell show them what we will and will not accept. Make sure those values are in line, you're looking in the same direction, and that movement in your stomach is butterflies and not anxiety.8. Not only did "getting out more" bring more people into my life, but it made it much less daunting when I had a bad date.9. Let's stop blaming one gender for the demise of dating already.

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