Dating swingers circumcised

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30 and shut down the illegal medical practice that day, the Las Vegas Journal-Review reported. 2 and currently is being held in the Clark County Detention Center on state charges of practicing medicine without a license; possession of a firearm by a felon; possession of illegal drugs and illegally providing illegal drugs. At the site of his unlicensed clinic on Monroe Avenue, police located video surveillance towers outside a residence.

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In language often invoked by sovereigns, he claimed in the lawsuit that Las Vegas police had violated his constitutional rights as a “natural born People of the united States of America.” Because natural born people are sovereign, Van Thiel said in court filings he had a constitutional right to make his living in any manner he chooses -- even as a male prostitute and escort.

Less than eight months later, however, he moved to dismiss the lawsuit he filed, opting apparently to be a self-styled doctor instead of a self-styled attorney.

or is this new life going to be born and immediately doomed to be another citizen, i.e.

property of the people that call themselves ‘government?

’” The government, he claimed, is composed of “looting parasites” who will claim they have the legal right to “expropriate your child …

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