Divorce dating when to introduce kids

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I have two teenagers, 13 (a son) and 15 (a daughter).

They both live with me, although their father lives in the next town and my son often stays with him. When should I tell my kids that I am dating and when should I introduce them to this new person in my life?

When you find someone you like, have a light introduction, perhaps quick dinner and a movie/sporting event just to make sure you feel they interact well and to help your kids feel like they are in the loop.

After that, you can continue to have some limited, pleasant times together but they should be far and few between so that your kids aren’t forming any attachments.

” mental health professionals agree the best practice is to wait before introducing someone new to your kids. Romance”), licensed psychotherapist and author of “The Unofficial Guide to Dating,” advises her clients to introduce new partners as a “friend.” After enough time passes and fathers are happy with how their new partner treats their children, establishing a formal relationship label is appropriate. Tessina says and adds this should be true of any adult friends of their parents.

Divorce dating when to introduce kids

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