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Your kid will feel left out and forgotten while you pursue a new man or start a new family.And that new man is probably going to mistreat or abuse your child.

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There's some truth in all that, but real life is not so cut and dry.

There ARE responsible single parents out there who manage to date and remarry without screwing up their kids.

Especially if they leave for visitation with the other parent. She is abrasive, arrogant and controversial BECAUSE it sells radio. Rush, would that give you a better idea what to expect? Laura often speaks on her show about divorced and single women or men not dating or getting married until kids are all grown.

Her stance is that the focus should be on children, not new relationships. As a child of divorce and remarriage, I have to agree with her.

There is one way to do it right and that's establishing a minimum level of care with which to treat any interaction of a stranger with your child. Just don't let your new BF babysit your kids after 1 week and move him in after 3 months I work in mental health and have seen some parents completely mess up their children with divorce/ dating/ remarriage.

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