Dwayne wade dating star jones

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We are friends," the pro basketball star said Thursday during a guest appearance on "Inside the NBA," the jocular TNT show featuring Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson."Are y'all close friends?

They say he has to watch his back – cause Al’s gonna get him.” Star Jones recently separated from her husband Al Reynolds.

Similarly Dwayne and his wife Siobhan have been separated for close to a year.

They say he has to watch his back - cause Al’s gonna get him.” Dwayne Wade was on tonight’s TNT Halftime show of the Detroit-Philly game.

In the middle of Charles Barkley joking about Andre Iguodala needing a 1-5000 jump shot summer and Dwayne Wade’s take on how bad Philly was getting beat, laughter broke out in the studio.

It's been one whole day since news broke that Star Jones filed for divorce from Al -- and already Star is being linked to Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade.

Dwayne wade dating star jones

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