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When a new camera is assembled the manufacturer loads the firmware that was designed at that time.

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If the update is not completed successfully and the camera becomes inoperable, take the camera to a Nikon-authorized service representative for inspection.

A Nikon-approved memory card that has been formatted in the camera (note that all data on the memory card will be deleted when the card is formatted; before formatting the card, back up any data you wish to keep to a computer or other device)Open the folder created in Step 3-1 and double-click the downloaded file (“F-XXXX-V###W.exe”, where “XXXX” is the camera name and “###” the firmware version) to extract the firmware to a sub-folder in the new folder.

Keeping your tracker’s firmware up to date allows you to enjoy new features as they become available.

When a firmware update is available, a blue download arrow will appear in the upper-right corner of the UP home screen.

Insert a formatted memory card in the card reader or card slot.

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