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” He adds: “As the Vatican has attempted to back-track on the cardinal’s comments . Five other psychiatrists and psychologists interviewed by agreed there is no link between homosexuality and paedophilia, among them Prof Patricia Casey of UCD and the Royal College of Psychiatrists of Ireland. Paedophilia is an attraction to minors – male, female or both.” Prof Harry Kennedy, clinical professor of forensic psychiatry at TCD, explains that “there are heterosexual paedophiles, there are homosexual paedophiles and there is no special link between homosexuality and paedophilia and that is the plain science of it based on epidemiology, which is my field. I’d be happy to look at any new evidence he might have and review it from a scientific point of view.” Also adamant that there is no link between paedophilia and homosexuality are Dr Joseph Duffy, clinical director of the Granada Institute in Dublin, which has treated priests who have sexually abused children; Prof Donald West, psychiatrist and former head of the Institute of Criminology in Cambridge, UK; and Prof Michael King, of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the UK, who has treated paedophiles and sex offenders.The greatest threat to children are heterosexual males, says Kennedy.Somgaga, as he is popularly known in social circles, was part of a panel discussing what it's like being homosexual in modern day South Africa, during last Friday's show, the second of a four-part series of I Am, a TV programme tackling issues affecting South African youth on DStv's Vuzu Amp.

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"Trust me, your parents know from day one, they know from your behaviour what your sexual preference is."Knowing Mhlongo also delved into what led to him becoming a father."When I fathered a child I already knew I was not a straight guy. I could have been bisexual but definitely not straight."He believes up to this day, 21 years after South Africa became a free and liberated country it was still hard for many prominent people to come out of the closet.

He said there were gay people in local social circles who lead double lives, fearing the consequences of coming out."The minute I came out and expressed my sexuality, I was put in a box.

The stigma attached to homosexuality makes it difficult but most of all, there is often enormous family pressure. We never even discuss my sexuality with my parents and my family."My parents are a true example of what unconditional love is.

Many gay people do not have the guts to say accept me for who I am."Unconditional love Mhlongo questioned parents' reasoning when they disown their children because of their sexual preferences. They've let me be who I am."When I was personally confused and scared, not of society but as I was still finding out how to handle some of the intricate situations I would be in, my family supported me as I prepared myself for what was to come.

It’s only a theory that celibacy is a cloak that puts you in charge of children.” Casey also suggests that some abusers were attracted to the Catholic church because they knew it would give them access to children, and vetting procedures weren’t good enough.

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