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A small number of people (less than 5%) will not develop immunity and may require booster shots.

If you have acute hep B you might not experience any symptoms.

It’s only the remaining 5 out of 100 adults who would have chronic hep B.

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These people will then be immune to hep B (they won’t get hep B again).

A further 5 out of 100 adults exposed to hep B will clear the virus within 12 months.

The older a person is when they get hep B, the better their chances of successfully fighting it off (‘clearing’ the virus).

Around 95% of adults who contract hep B will only have an acute infection and are able to clear it naturally.

If your baby is given hep B immunoglobulin and hep B vaccination within 12 hours of birth, there is no need to avoid breastfeeding.

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