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“I wouldn’t even choose for myself to be gay,” a friend once told me. Once upon a time, of course, “gay” meant “happy.” But eventually, the synonyms grew apart. When the gay liberation activist Franklin Kameny launched a simple effort in 1968 to proclaim that “gay is good,” it was because, at the time, it very much wasn’t.

Until 1973, the American Psychiatric Association considered homosexuality a form of mental illness.

Scientists even tried to prove that there’s a “gay gene.” These concepts about sexual orientation helped justify the case for legal protections.

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But if my daughter wants to be an artist, I’ll encourage her all the way — and work to destroy any barriers along her path, not put them up myself.

Plus, I’ve never for a single second regretted being gay, nor saw it as anything other than an asset and a gift.

The idea that no one would choose to be gay is widely held — even in the gay rights movement.

In the early ’90s, partly as a response to the destructive notion that gay people could be changed, activists pressed the idea of sexuality as a fixed, innate state.

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