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Viber has voice calls using 3G or Wi-Fi on top of being able to send text, photos, videos and location data.

With the recent update of Viber Desktop, you can even make calls to a friend on a desktop.

To have Viber work on your desktop you need to first have Viber on your smartphone.

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Now we’ll take a look into each app and what they have to offer.

With the use of an Internet connection you can send text, photos, video clips, your location data (that opens up on Google Maps), audio clips as well as a friend’s contact to another friend via Whats App. Whats App also allows group chat (max: 30) and the use of a massive pile of Emoji.

And it also comes with built-in stickers and custom emoticons for you to use.

Read Also: 5 Tips To Enhance Your We Chat Experience All 3 apps allow you to send text, photos, videos and location data – ‘basic functions’ as it is also found in other messaging apps.

Web Chat also lets you send files to your device and there is a handy browser plugin called Web Grab that lets you shake webpages from your desktop browser into your phone. Supported Platforms: i OS | Android | Windows Phone | Black Berry | Nokia | Web We Chat All 3 messaging apps are supported on i OS, Android, Windows Phone, Black Berry and Nokia.

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