Is andy still dating megan gale

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Its definitely one of the weirdest things that has ever happened to me and the whole week itself was it oh I was treated like a rock star and I just really couldnt understand why because all Id done was a phone commercial.Paparazzi, I had to have bodyguards that first week.And as well a friend of a friend of mine who actually looks quite similar to me and she was modelling over there she called up and said if you come over here you youve got to be careful because people are chasing after me down the streets thinking that Im you.

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Emirates was the class act of the cage, with the most celeb-heavy guest list and a fresh Australiana theme including mini chicken parmas and fruity cocktails, plus cameos from Shane Warne and Rachel Griffiths.

Myer had undergone a revamp and was arguably the toughest marquee to get into, with polished glass doors reading 'By Appointment Only'.

Lexus proved to be one of the hottest spots, with a new three level sustainable monolith designed by Joost Bakker featuring hundreds of cardboard cylinders and full meals from Franklin's David Moyle and Attica's Ben Shewry.

The Mumm 'tent' was undoubtedly the most hilariously over-the-top enclosure, with a small pool at the centre and regular shows from outrageous entertainers.

Can I loan some more money and it you know broke my heart to do that.

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