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In addition, the wrestler Sting is all but confirmed to have a Wrestle Mania 31 match, and Sting himself once said the story line of The Undertaker’s streak being broken is unnecessary for their match. Unfortunately, while that does sound like one plus one equals two that does not necessarily mean it will happen as WWE fans desire.

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Mark took this time out to heal his injury during a match against Rey Mysterio.

This is Mark's third marriage; previously, he was married to Jodi Lynn in 1989 and they got divorced in 1999. Mark married his second wife Sara the following year. In fact, Mark was so deeply in love with Sara that he tattooed her name on his neck.

In the year 2007, he entered last into the prestigious elimination match to win it and main event Wrestlemania with Batista.

This year too, he is considered to be the best choice as the Royal Rumble winner to set up a big championship match at Wrestlemania.

These three are thought to have attended the marriage ceremony of Mc Cool.

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