Lesbian and dating

by  |  26-Oct-2018 14:31

You think “oh they are chatting to me, yay” – but then you realise it’s the app talking.

They’re also trying to create a kind of lesbian dating newsfeed. When you get through Tinder and Her, you’d be forgiven for thinking there must be something else. However, here are a couple of others I had been told to check out.

That’s where Elite Singles comes in, this is a Lesbian dating site with a difference – our dating agency removes the guess work by connecting our members to like-minded singles.

BUT after “sourcing” my last two girlfriends from AFL I thought it best to steer clear of that at least for the immediate future.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still a few girls I wouldn’t be saying no to, but I thought it best not to actively seek out dating from the same pool. It’s popular, easy to use and everyone knows how it works.

I can only assume they have opted to view ‘men and women’ in the hope that Ruby Rose appears.

I mean it’s their right, but it is pretty annoying when you go “Oh she’s cute” and then the descriptions is “Looking for prince charming” or “Looking for a real man”… Tinder is also fun to play with on a night out, even if you have no interest in dating.

Now I only swipe right if I would be interested in going on a date with the girl, so if I do ever get a match, I know its quality and am chuffed to see the little flame notification.

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