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Alleys off a main road are often simply notated by Roman numerals, hence a street address like "Jl.Mangga Besar VIII/21" means house number 21 on alley number 8 (VIII) off the main road of Jl. Fortunately, there is a logic to the name of the street.Alternatively, if you don't want to waste time, ask for the descriptions/name of nearby landmarks or buildings, billboards, color of the building or fence, or the postal code.

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Outside of the corridors of high rise offices, you basically can find out on what branch of street it is by looking at the name of the streets without the Roman numerals.

Most often the name of the area is the same as the name of the street, especially if it also bears the phrase Jalan Raya or avenues.

Here you can find upscale shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, bustling nightlife and entertainment, Blok M, Senayan sports complex, and affluent residential areas.

The Kemang area is very popular among expats and locals for its nightlife and entertainment.

East Jakarta (Jakarta Timur) The city's industrial quarter.

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