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Also set the if you choose to have Acrobat send only the currently visible pages to the assistive technology.

Because Acrobat sends page information about all visible pages, the assistive technology receives information about pages that may be only partially visible (such as the bottom of one page or the top of the next), as well as those pages that are completely visible.

Tagging can be a time-consuming procedure, especially for larger documents.

This preference corresponds to the Confirm Before Tagging Documents option in the .

If you use a page display setting other than , such as Continuous, and then you display the next page, the technology may not correctly track which portion of a previous page it has already read aloud.

For instructions on setting the default page layout to This option is selected by default and is usually best if you use a screen reader with long or complex PDFs.

These settings correspond to the Use High Contrast Colors For When deselected, this preference disables the auto-save action.

Mob dwon loude fuke vidio

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