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It's the interactive and FUN way to socialize, make new friends, meet your match...just to have a great time! Grab a cocktail and get ready to Unlock Your Possibilities. Lock and Key Events transform a regular happy hour by adding the ULTIMATE ice breaker theme. With your lock or key, you now have a reason to talk to anyone and everyone you want! Take the Rte 202/206 South Exit 17 on the left towards Rte 22 West for SOMERVILLE/FLEMINGTON. Take I-287 South to Rte 202/206 South Exit 17 towards Rte 22 West for SOMERVILLE/FLEMINGTON.

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For thousands of years, beer has been bringing people together. Now, we bury ourselves in dating apps and beer rating apps.

Our New Jersey speed dating events and singles parties are the fun new way of meeting single professionals throughout the tri-state area!

Many of the popular activities for singles are organized by clubs that hold events in venues such as hotels, lounges or even baseball parks.

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